Monday, August 02, 2010


It's official (having been unofficial since July 3rd). We paid the lady, got the papers, need to take care of a few bits of paperwork with the city and the microchip people, but to all intents and purposes we are the legal owners of a (mostly) Dachshund, goes by the name of Boudin. A note on the name: he was apparently named after a brand of French sausage, being one of a litter of sausage dogs, but we knew nothing of his pedigree or of French cuisine when we first stumbled across his profile on petfinder. So from the start we pronounced it 'BOW-din', and, well, as a bona fide American these days I see it as a right, if not a duty to mispronounce words of foreign origin.
Having a dog is awesome. I took a lot of convincing to take the plunge, but when we met Boudin for the first time it was clear he was a smart guy who would fit in well in our household of genius animals. For me one of the best things is being on an upwards learning curve. Sure, he's chewed a few things but nothing we will miss terribly. Haven't felt this fit in a year or two. Early to bed, earlier to rise! Hell, I'm even drinking Michelob Ultra these days!


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    It's not just the quadrupeds who are geniuses in your household.
    Fill us in on the subtleties of US alcoholic beverages. Michelob Ultra: is that for dog owners or people who are getting seriously fit?
    I'd like to get up earlier, but not sure I'm going to join the ranks of dog mastery.

  2. Michelob Ultra is a low calorie beer, and one of the Anhauser-Busch brands. Their TV ads feature people like Lance Armstrong cycling up a mountain, then sitting down and enjoying a beer like a regular guy... You can buy it in Tesco.