Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Soccer Update

I played my first game with the 'Sharks', in the Richmond Strikers' Under 40's League. The game was a bit of a pushover, since the other team were unbearably slow. Hopefully more worthy opposition awaits us. The League is set up in two groups of six teams, with the top teams in each group entering playoffs towards the end of the season. It's a seven-a-side game format with rolling subs. The field is a bit larger than the indoor arena I've been playing in, and of course there are no walls, so you have to play a bit more intelligently!

Talking of Indoor, 'Old School' is in its second session. We definitely started to improve at the end of last season, and this session it looks like the other teams in our league are closer to our level. Hopefully the days of Nine - Nothing defeats are behind us.

Last week my Grandpa and friend James came to watch us play. It turned out to be one of the scrappier games we've played. For some reason everyone was on edge, so our rather easy victory was marred by a couple of outbreaks of unsportsmanlike behaviour. This week was a bye week for us, so maybe by next week everyone will have calmed down!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kyle's Lake House

This weekend was spent down at Lake Gaston. We did a bit of fishing (I caught a crappy), messed around on the jetski (my bum is sorely bruised after being towed in a poorly designed inflatable), and generally lounged around in the sunshine. Above Kristal, Anders and Eileen are preparing some canned corn bait. Fifty pound carp were the quarry, but sadly none were caught.

Groovin' in the Garden

On Thursday I spent a relaxing few hours taking in some live music at Ginter Botanical Gardens. A mere $15, the show was opened by Chuch with Son Volt headlining. The genre was described to me as 'Country Rock', but really the styles leaned more in the direction of contemporary American rock, in my opinion. Despite Son Volt being the main attraction, I thought Chuch did a nicer job of putting on a show and interacting with the crowd. Maybe I'll pick up their record. It's about time I stopped listening to British rock bands from the seventies and got myself up to date!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Englishman in America

Kristal kindly indulged me in all things British yesterday, cooking Shepherds Pie (made with lamb!) and apple crumble. It was delicious - dibs to M for providing the recipes. Also provided were Boddingtons, Hobgoblin, Guinness and some kind of Irish Raspberry Cider. Yummy! And as a present, K gave me a Union Jack, which already proudly flies on our balcony.

Friday, June 01, 2007

One Year in the USA.

Today officially marks the end of my first year abroad. I don't recall the exact moment that the airplane tires touched down on American soil, but I do remember pulling up to the back of my grandparent's house at around 3AM on the morning of the 2nd of June 2006 and realising that my adventure had begun.

Looking back through my blog archives brings warm memories of new experiences enjoyed with new friends in new places. It's been a fun year, and perhaps it's time for me to talk in a more conversational tone about my journey so far.

For some reason I feel a weight of expectation as I begin to type. Since I imagine that the audience of this blog is composed primarily of friends and family back home, I sure everyone is hoping for me to announce my imminent return to the Isles. Well, you'll just have to wait and see. Those of you who prescribe more strongly to the xenophobic tendencies of the British are no doubt waiting for a lengthy tirade focusing on the stupidity, narrow-mindedness and unchecked consumerism which I may have witnessed over the past twelve months.

Really all I want to say, though, is that I'm having a really good time! I'm so happy that my attempts to run away from real life have been so blissfully successful! My existence is unblemished my the proximity of anything resembling an authority figure. Money comes, and money goes. I have no immediate plans to make anything of myself.

Thank you for reading. I really miss every one of you terribly, and hope dearly that you can come and visit soon ;-).