Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Soccer Update

I played my first game with the 'Sharks', in the Richmond Strikers' Under 40's League. The game was a bit of a pushover, since the other team were unbearably slow. Hopefully more worthy opposition awaits us. The League is set up in two groups of six teams, with the top teams in each group entering playoffs towards the end of the season. It's a seven-a-side game format with rolling subs. The field is a bit larger than the indoor arena I've been playing in, and of course there are no walls, so you have to play a bit more intelligently!

Talking of Indoor, 'Old School' is in its second session. We definitely started to improve at the end of last season, and this session it looks like the other teams in our league are closer to our level. Hopefully the days of Nine - Nothing defeats are behind us.

Last week my Grandpa and friend James came to watch us play. It turned out to be one of the scrappier games we've played. For some reason everyone was on edge, so our rather easy victory was marred by a couple of outbreaks of unsportsmanlike behaviour. This week was a bye week for us, so maybe by next week everyone will have calmed down!


  1. Andy Mash2:19 AM

    "It's a seven-a-side game format with rolling subs."

    Isn't that ice hockey? :P

  2. Good point! The Yanks try to avoid playing the full length of any game, so they've borrowed a lot of rules from their other sports and tacked them onto the game of football. That's why I don't mind calling it 'Soccer' when I'm over here, as it's really a different game to football. The CVSA played full ninety minute games on full sized pitches, but still allowed rolling subs. Fair enough, it's exceeding hot here in the Summer, but I guess that's why football runs on a autumn-winter season!