Monday, August 02, 2010

Crab Pickin'!

Hard to find a better way to dispel the Monday blues that pickin' some crabs for dinner. We tried the seafood joint in the Kroger parking lot in Carytown, but they were sold out. So we risked this slightly dodgy looking place on Broad across from the DMV. Coincidentally it's very close to my old digs on Monument and Strawberry. Used to be an ice-cream parlor, and is now a seafood shack called Cameron's. You gotta check this place out. Nothing fancy, but great prices, and they steamed their crabs just right (according to my resident expert!). It's only my second or third time tearing apart crustaceans. I'm just about over the slight sadness I feel in destroying with my bare hands a creature so cleverly designed. But hey, the poor bastard has already been steamed, so I can't feel too bad about making the best of the situation. De-licious.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Crab pickin didn't get any tidier, but brown wrapping paper seems like a cut above regular newsprint.

  2. Actually we used brown paper grocery bags, that Kristal ripped open. Not sure where they would stack up on the classiness scale.

  3. love the picture of Kristal. the crab looks yummy.