Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yamaha FG 700S

Since moving out of Chris' Apartment at Honey Tree I have been deprived many things. Regular grill-outs (that's a BBQ to the Brits), sports on huge, hi-def flatscreen, and guitars, to name but three. Well, rumours abound of a gas grill being on the way, there's a sports bar round the corner and I've just purchased a sweet new baby, so order in the world is beginning to be restored.

I did my shopping at Guitar Center which is full of friendly staff. On my first visit, Joseph help me pick out something cheap and cheerful. I went home with a second hand Epiphone in good nick, at a bargain price. However, after attempting to launch into the Intro from 'Sweet Child O' Mine' I discover a bump in the fretboard where the neck joins the body. Apparently this is common in cheaper models. Thus I returned to GC, whereupon Seth helped me dig around for something more suiting my expectations of quality. I noodled around on five or six, gradually sneaking out of my envisioned price range. This Yamaha really caught my fancy, and trusty Seth went to chat to the manager about approving a discount... Behold and Lo, a deal was struck, and I am now the proud owner of the beautiful example of craftmanship pictured above.

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  1. Andy Mash12:08 PM

    I thought it was going to be a Yamaha motorbike, I'm disappointed...