Monday, April 30, 2007


Confession time. My current facial hair arrangement is old enough to be considered at least semi-permanent, which warrants posting the evidence on the internet for posterity and the amusement of the general public. I've always wanted to look a bit like Morgan Spurlock, and be like him too...thus I have embarked on my own incarnation of 30 days by immersing myself "in a mode of life markedly different from their norm" -- ie, wearing a handlebar moustache. After overcoming the three day hump of being labeled a Redneck, and eventually addressing issues of asymmetry, I think the new look has come together well. Now I just need to wait thirty years for it to develop into the sophisticated whiskers showcased by the likes of Terrence "Terry" Gene Bollea and Paul John Teutul.

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  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Hey John, loving that handlebar facial look, its almost like you're Hulk Hogan in disguise!! Glad everything is going so well!! Chaz