Sunday, January 02, 2011

Home from the Road Trip

Sorry to any readers who were worried that we didn't make it home. The last two days were spent slogging away at the miles and I didn't have a lot of energy for blogging. Plus, not much happened! When we got awoke in New Orleans we intended to walk to Cafe du Monde for some kind of famous hole-less donut, but it was tipping down with rain. By the time we got the car, it had stopped raining, but we still drove around the block to find people queuing down the street at the cafe. OK, scratch that idea. We grabbed a McDonald's breakfast instead. By lunch we were in the region of Montgomery, so we reached for the GPS to find us a spot to get some Gulf seafood before we got too far from the coast. Three separate places turned out to be sketchy, closed or non-existent, so we had Wendy's. Things really weren't going our way.
Our last night was New Year's Eve and we were in Athens, GA. It was a fun town, and we enjoyed dinner and a drink in a cool downtown bar, but we were running on empty and retired to the hotel to ring in 2011. The next day proceeded much as the previous had. Drizzle most of the day. Attempted lunch at a Cracker Barrel, but to long of a wait, so Firehouse Subs. We just wanted to get home, and in time we were! The familiar Richmond skyline appeared as we turned a bend in the highway and our road-trip of 3110 miles, was nearing it's end. In all, we had traversed 10 States (VA, TN, AR, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC) and for me six of them were virgin territory. Tennessee was beautiful; Louisiana soulful and fun. But the best part of the trip was time spent with family, especially the newest addition. That, and getting home!

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