Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's still OK to have fun.

Alright, so I didn't manage to post for the whole month of March, but we have been a little busy with the process of buying our first home. Overall it went very well until the last week which was messier than we'd hoped but the end result was satisfactory. Since getting hold of the keys we have been putting in long hours to get ready for the move-in this weekend. Exhaustion was starting to set in, so when the opportunity presented itself to relax for an evening there was really no argument.

Our company traditionally allows two hour early departure on days before a holiday such as today, and some friends of ours had suggested that we use the time to travel out to the Charlottesville area for some recreational activities. The first activity was to visit a vineyard (of which there are many in the area) where for a small fee you can sample the various varieties and vintages currently on sale. After indulging in the full selection, and taking a short stroll around the ruins of the old estate we went down into Charlottesville itself for some dinner. Having a little time before the eating hour we elected to enjoy the gorgeously warm evening to meander through the downtown mall area to work up our appetite. Then it was on the the Wild Wing Cafe for copious quantities of wings.

There is a chain of bars called Buffalo Wild Wings. The Wild Wings Cafe has nothing in common with that chain. The wings are in a completely different strata in terms of quality and flavor, without even mentioning the beer selection. We ordered a platter of fifty wings, ten of each of five flavors. I won't lie, I went to town on those delicious chicken morsels and have no regrets in my actions.

Right now I am about to drift into a pleasurable chicken coma, so I will sign off with the promise of lots of post about our new residence. Chicken..., chicken..., chicken..., chi.....

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