Saturday, December 05, 2009

Video Blogging

I'm not planning on starting my own YouTube channel just yet, but while watching the rapids cascading past Hollywood cemetery today I got the urge to add commentary to a few videos of the river. You really can't encapsulate the frightening force of the churning brown deluge in still photography. I'm not quite as eloquent in speech as I try to be in writing, but I hope you enjoy these!

Uploading video to Blogger isn't too bad. Today my upstream speed tested at about 3.5mbps, and it only took about 20 seconds to upload the video clips, then blogger 'processes' the video for about two minutes. Not a prohibitively painful experience, so maybe I'll try a few more video posts. I'd love to hear your opinions. Please comment!


  1. Glad you didn't try jumping in! That is pretty awesome water - and on the first video you sound exactly like a commentator on a nature programme. Next career move?

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Glad we weren't out kayaking in that stuff! I'd have been out hiking with you though. There aren't many commentators who can add much of significance to what you can see with your own eyes. Except maybe excitement, which I thought you did quite well. You could maybe have added some factual background, like what level the gauge was at to translate into that ideal river level, or how much rain you've had, when, to produce this. Are you doing the commentary live? Guess that would require prior research. Grandpa keeps us up on rainfall stats. I was trying to make out whether you'd had 9.5 inches in Nov or 9.5 above normal, since he was talking in term of a deficit at the beginning of the month. Does a hydraulic ever spit you out or just keep you rolling round and round? Bring on some more! Dad

  3. I was live, and I only did one take! I was thinking at the time that I wished I'd looked at the Gauge before I came out. I also forgot to check when I got back. It was definitely above 9', and I'd guess below 12'.
    According to
    we got 9.6'' in November. The previous record was 7.64!! As a result I got my truck stuck in my own front yard! Hmm, I feel a blog post coming on!