Monday, March 19, 2007

New House

I have recently moved house, since my previous house mate decided to move back home to NC. My new pad is on Monument Avenue close to the 'fan' district of Richmond. The Fan is know for its small bars and cafes and is inhabited mostly by students of VCU. I'm living with three young professionals who were looking for a similar person to move in a short notice. They seem like a lot of fun, and it's nice to meet some new friends outside of work!

Sadly my days of completely freeloading are over, but I think I did well to live in the USA for over 9 months without really owning anything. To make up for it, I bought a gigantic bed.

I have the uncomfortable feeling that I beginning to put down roots in this country. But to quote Martin Blank, "I've always been a very temporary person" - I doubt that signing a 12 month lease and buying a bed will do much to change the certain aspect of my personality colloquially termed "commitment-o-phobia".

After initial wireless network troubles, I am now 100Mbps Hardwired to a cable modem, which leaves me no excuses for not posting more often....

Hope to see you here again soon


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