Monday, February 05, 2007

My holiday in West Virginia

This weekend Kristal and I spent a romantic weekend in the snowy West Virginian mountains. We stayed in a 'Cozy Cabin' at the ACE adventure centre complete with hot tub... Friday afternoon we took a horse ride in the snow. Our guide, Jeff, was a real character and provided a commentary on the local history, mostly coal mining and railroads. We rode to a viewpoint overlooking the smallest incorporated town in America (6 inhabitants), which also hosted the longest poker game in history (13 years). People were dealt in and out continuously, although many players left the game on account of being found floating face down in the river in the morning.

On Saturday we traveled to Winterplace Ski Resort and took a snowboarding lesson. We sucked at snowboarding, but at least we looked rad. Desperately needing coffee we stopped at a small booth at a desolate intersection near the town of Minden. The occupant had apparently set up similar booths in Texas serving espresso, but sold them to move back to WV. Made the nicest damn vanilla latte I've ever tasted.

On Sunday we stopped at a few of the other attractions of the area: New River Gorge Bridge (the largest single span arch bridge in the hemisphere), Hawk's Nest lookout and an old grist mill.

See my photos here:

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  1. martha5:30 PM

    Nice photos! That looks AWESOME! We've had a bit of snow here but pretty pathetic - kept turning to rain. Will book my flights to see you soon (yes, I know there won't be snow there in July...)