Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Best Day Ever

My life's been a bit fucked up recently, so it was nice to have a really awesome day today. Like most days, it started with a hangover, courtesy of Raz's birthday, which was a good time up until I flipped out and totally ran away. The first activity of the day (10am) was riding the trails at Poor Farm Park with Lori from work and her friend Crystal. After about 45mins I headed of on my own and tore up the gnarl, stopping for a short break by a brook. Having consumed all my bananas I went in search of BK (12pm) but realised I hadn't had enough riding yet. Also, I was really enjoying driving around. I very almost drove to the beach, but decided Petersburg National Battlefield Park was probably a better idea. Got down there (2pm) rode around and saw a bunch of cannons, took a nap under a memorial, then decided it was time to head out again (4pm). Got back to Richmond (5pm) but still wasn't ready to go home, so got a Subway and went in search of a tranquil spot to eat it. Went down to Pony Pasture on the James River. Waded out to a sunny rock, and chilled (6pm). Then finally went home, cleaned the bike, gashed my finger open on the big chainring, and wrote this blog entry.

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