Friday, September 08, 2006

Hugh Hawthorne

Have spent several paragraphs deriding Americans in general, it is my pleasure to single one out for high praise. My visit to the house of Hugh Hawthorne many weeks ago has been waiting for a deserving post, so here it is.

Hugh is the current employer of my cousin Vinny, having him do manual labor to prepare a new building for all the amazing stuff collected over the years. Hugh constructed RIR (with his bare hands, as far as I can tell). Hugh is just a fabulous entrepreneur - a hard-working guy and perhaps the embodiment of America's good side (ie, the side it inherited from the Old World).

The highlight of the tour in the race cars, some belonging to Richard Petty, and a single-seater Model T! One room is full of Native American relics, including some cool rifles. He also has a wall of cowbow boots that he's worn through his life!

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  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    my teacher bought a car from hugh's son and saw hugh's collection.. he has one of some type of dusenburg and there is only 2 in the world