Monday, September 04, 2006

First Ride

Took the bike out for a quick spin this morning along the James River North Bank trail, as featured in recent Xterra games. Was muddy, with some succulent red clay. Since I am a good boy and thoroughly cleaned and lubed the bike after, you get a pic of my shoes as evidence of how hard core I am (as if any was needed!).
The trail is purpose built into the side of the steep river bank, with lots of switch-backs to keep you going up and down. Some of the hills have got rocks strategically placed on them which offer grip, but make it semi-technical. There are lots of wooden bridges with no side rails accross little gullies, that all seem to come after a tight bend!
A mate from soccer is going to take me on some of the trails south of the river on thursday, is we have time, but the North Bank is going to be hard to beat!
Bike felt good. I'd made a hash of putting the chain together, so there was a stiff link that kept skipping on the jockey wheels. The forks need a while to get broken in, so I guess I'll just have to go riding a lot!

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